It all started in 2014, when Mildred and Michael decided to relocate to the Philippines. Michael, a chemical Engineer by profession and Hobby Brewer by passion always wanted to continued brewing in the Philippines.
After settling in their new home was done, home brewing was the next project. This was challenging, back then ( a time before Shopee and Co.), there was no sources for home brewing equipment or raw materials in the Philippines. 
After everything was finally put together, the first few batches were started. Shared to friends and family on occasions, 
it didn't take long for strangers knocking on our door asking if they could purchase some beer from us. 
With this, the idea of a microbrewery was born. To make a long story short, Pinatubo Craft Beer became a great success story, much more than than ever expected or intended.

We are located in the Tourisum Heart of Zambales, right between the sandy 
beaches of San Antonio Pundaquit with their Capone Islands, 
San Narciso, San Felipe Liwliwa and the New Zealand
 of the Philippines, Mapanuepe Lake.

Mission and Objectives

Pinatubo Craft Beer is committed to deliver high quality hand-crafted beer  at affordable prices to the Philippines.
All our beers are made according to the German Purity law from 1516 A.D. (Reinheitsgebot). Only high quality hops, malt, water and yeast are used to generate the excellent taste of Pinatubo Craft beer.

Pinatubo Craft Beer is environment friendly.
Energy: Our beers are CO2 neutral, all required energy is produced by our own 30 kW solar power plant.
Waste: Wherever possible, we reuse (i.e. all our bottles are reused) or recycle (minimum waste policy).